Infotech Makes 2020 Top 100 Best Companies List

Infotech Named No. 21 Large Company Among Best Companies to Work For in Florida

July 29, 2020, Gainesville, Fla. – Infotech, a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions and expert statistical and econometric consulting services, announced today it was ranked No. 21 among Florida Trend’s 2020 Best Companies To Work For in the large company category.

Florida Trend annually ranks the top 100 companies in small, medium and large employer categories. Infotech was ranked among the large employer category, which includes companies with more than 250 employees.

For over 40 years, Infotech has embraced a commitment to connection. By putting aside short-term solutions in favor of a long-term vision and prioritizing people over profit, Infotech has created a formula for innovation that doesn’t sacrifice integrity. With over 300 employees and growing, the Infotech family focuses on diversity and inclusion, ensuring new ideas and fresh perspectives are never in short supply. With an average employee tenure over 10 years, remarkably generous profit sharing program, flexible workplace opportunities and people-centered culture, Infotech is proud to be named the No. 21 Best Large Company to Work for in Florida.

“Infotech values people first, and almost exclusively. Throughout our history, our key differentiator has been our ability to establish trusting relationships with our customers and develop products and offer consulting services that exceed their needs, all made possible solely by our talented and committed employees,” Will McClave, Infotech Systems President, said. “We call our employees family, not as a recruiting slogan or branding differentiator, but because we mean it.”

Treat people right has long been the motto of Infotech founders Dr. Jim McClave and Dr. Tom Rothrock and the foundational ethos upon which the company is built. Under this banner, Infotech thrives at the forefront of the market it created by prioritizing relationships both internally and externally.

“Our expert consulting and software development businesses have experienced consistent growth, thanks to the reputation we have established and upheld in our respective industries. While our focus on innovation keeps us moving toward the future, it’s our day-to-day values that make the present so enjoyable — and those values have been part of our core since the very beginning,” Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin, Infotech Consulting President, added. “Compassion and empathy are at the forefront of our behavior. To put it simply, people like working here because they like their coworkers.”

Infotech congratulates all of the other outstanding companies that have been recognized on Florida Trend’s 2020 Top 100 list.

“This is a special place to work, and we are truly honored that others have recognized what we have always known: Infotech is the best place to work,” McClave Baldwin said.

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Info Tech, Inc., DBA Infotech (Infotech) bridges innovation and integrity by developing cutting-edge digital solutions for the infrastructure construction industry and providing expert statistical and econometric consulting services across multiple industries. Infotech’s two core businesses, Infotech Systems and Infotech Consulting, use technology and data to bring transparency, integrity and efficiency to the people we serve. With a diverse workforce and collaborative, relaxed environment, Infotech is a Gainesville-born pioneer of innovation, committed to its family of employees, customers and community. For more information, visit or

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