Experience and Innovation — Two Pillars of Info Tech Consulting

Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin

In the consulting world, experience is essential. One of the defining pillars of our team is our 500+ years combined experience.  Every case provides an opportunity to add to our wealth of knowledge.

With the creation of ever-increasing amounts of data, innovation continues to be an equally important component of our service.

In October, Info Tech, Inc. sponsored a three day Hack-A-Thon, an intensive collaboration session bringing talent together from across Info Tech to foster innovation. This year Info Tech Consulting proposed the development of software to tailor and create customer name and address databases, a key component of class certification data work.

This unique product will provide many benefits to our clients; efficient data work, improved class member identification and expedited claims processing.

This product is the culmination of experience and innovation – solving a real-world problem faced by our clients by bringing our years of experience together with the innovative, solutions-oriented team within the walls of Info Tech. The utility is now in the second stage of development with the goal of a prototype available in 2019.