Prioritizing Safety First

Treating people right has always been our ethos, never a tagline. So when there is a risk to our Infotech Consulting family and our customers, we take every essential step to ensure we are prioritizing safe, healthy environments. Like all organizations, we are adjusting to a number of unique situations introduced by the COVID-19 outbreak. Infotech Consulting is currently implementing our business continuity plans that are designed to help us continue to serve all of our clients even during unexpected times like this.

Ensuring Employee Safety

Infotech Consulting is operating on the recommendations of the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO), and other leading health organizations. As such, we have transitioned our employees to remote work until further notice. This is essential to the nationwide attempt to flatten the curve through smart social practices. Additionally, it’s important to note that:

  • Infotech Consulting is no stranger to remote work. We have always supported remote employees and have the infrastructure in place to go fully remote without a high degree of challenge.
  • Working from home is not required at this time, but is strongly encouraged.
  • During our remote work period, Infotech Consulting headquarters will be staffed with essential employees from IT and operations.
  • For employees who choose to work in our facility, we have drastically increased our already stringent cleaning throughout the building.

Embracing Virtual Meetings to Support Less Travel

During the coronavirus outbreak, we are limiting travel. To help ensure containment plus employee and client health, all but the most essential travel will be halted. Until further notice, we are transitioning in person meetings to virtual experiences. Infotech Consulting has the tools in place to keep projects moving forward through virtual platforms to maintain business as usual while prioritizing safety.

Compassion & Responsibility

We believe that these measures are part of our shared responsibility to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Over the next several weeks, not everything is going to go as planned. We will learn a lot. But in between the chaos and uncertainty is an opportunity to come together in compassion during an epidemic that affects everyone from every walk of life. Our final recommendations:

  • Be kind – many are anxious and a harsh word helps nobody.
  • Be smart – ask yourself if sticking to your routine is worth potentially risking the health of your life and others’ lives.
  • Be safe – wash your hands, practice social distancing, don’t incite panic.
  • Be human – our reaction to uncertain times like this is important. Reach out to your friends, family, and coworkers who may be feeling isolated or in need of support.