Dr. Robert Lanzillotti

2970 SW 50th Terrace
Gainesville, Florida 32608

B.A., American University - Economics
M.A., America University - Economics
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley - Economic

Infotech Consulting is honored to have Dr. Robert Lanzillotti as an Associate Consultant. Dr. Lanzillotti’s career spans six decades and has placed him in the highest esteem as an expert consultant, scholar and educator.

Dr. Lanzillotti has served as an economic consultant on antitrust and regulatory matters to many major U.S. corporations, including Alcoa, Anheuser-Busch, Armstrong Cork, Bethlehem Steel, CSX Corp., Gulf Oil, General Motors, General Electric, W. R. Grace, International Materials Corp., Hughes Helicopters, Jaguar Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corp., and Imperial Chemicals, Inc.

President Nixon appointed him to the U.S. Price Commission in 1971. He also has consulted for a number of U.S. and foreign governmental entities, including the United Arab Emirates, the U.S. Government Accounting Office, the Comptroller General, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Dr. Lanzillotti is the Dean Emeritus of the College of Business Administration at the University of Florida, Eminent Scholar Chair in American Economic Institutions, and Emeritus and Director of the Public Policy Research Center. He has served as consultant to several Florida Governors in numerous roles, including Chairman of Governor Askew’s economic advisory board, Chairman of Governor Graham’s Unitary Tax Study Commission, member of the advisory boards of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of Commerce, and consultant to the U.S. Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission on antitrust matters. He has served as economic consultant to more than a dozen state attorneys general on antitrust matters. He has testified on matters of national economic policy before U.S. Senate and House committees, has served as director of many financial institutions and industrial companies, was a NATO research fellow, and has authored numerous books and articles.

During his career, Dr. Lanzillotti has held several positions in the academic field. He was the Dean of the University of Florida Graduate School of Business from 1969 to 1986. He was adjunct professor of Economics at Cornell University, Professor and Chairman of the Economics Department at Michigan State University, Professor of Economics at Washington State University, and held a fellowship in Economic Statistics at the University of California at Berkeley.

Dr. Lanzillotti has published more than 75 articles in peer reviewed economic and law journals, as well as more than one dozen books and sections of books on economics and regulatory topics. He has served as reviewer for the National Science Foundation and the editors of a number of economics and law journals. Dr. Lanzillotti served as member of the U.S. Price Commission (by Presidential Appointment) from 1971-73.

Dr. Lanzillotti holds honorary degrees from the University of Tampa and Florida Institute of Technology. He is Past President of the International Schumpeter Society and is a member of the Antitrust Committee of the American Bar Association. He was an honorary member of the Florida Council of 100 from 1973 to 1996, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Omnicron Delta Kappa, and Florida Blue Key (Distinguished Faculty).

Dr. Lanzillotti held directorships in a number of U.S. Corporations, including the Jim Walter Corporation, C & S Florida Bank Corp., Florida Progress Corp., Florida Power Corp., First City Bank of Gainesville, Bank at Ormond Beach, Catalina Corp., Kangaroo Products Co., and Florida First Service Corp. He currently is a member of the board of the Southeast Tissue Bank and the University of Florida Foundation.

Dr. Lanzillotti served in the United States Navy for two years and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He earned two Bronze Stars and served in European and Pacific theaters. He attended Dartmouth College, holds a Doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Economics from American University.

Book and Chapters in Books

The Spokane Wholesale Market: An Economic Analysis, Washington State University Press (1952) with R. D. Tousley.

The Hard-Surface Floor Covering Industry: A Case Study of Market Structure and Competitive Behavior in Oligopoly, Washington State University Press (1955).

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Management Under Government Intervention: The View from Mt. Scopus. Co-editor, Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press (1984).

Report of Florida Unitary Tax Study Commission, March 1984.

Articles and Other Publications

“Price Leadership Models and Market Equilibrium,” Proceedings, Western Economic Association, 1954, pp. 57-62.

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“Measuring Damage in Commercial Litigation: Present Value of Lost Opportunities,” (with A. K. Esquibel), Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, Winter/Spring 1990.

“The Economic Effects of U.S. Orange Juice Custom Duty Drawbacks,” (with E. Dinopoulos), September 1994, publication pending.

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“Coming to Terms With Daubert in Sherman Act Complaints: A Suggested Economic Approach,” publication forthcoming, Nebraska Law Review (1998).


The Washington Tourist Survey: A Summary Report of Non-Resident Tourist Travel, 1947-52, Washington State University Press, 1952. A series of four surveys of tourism in the State of Washington. The 1949, 1950, and 1951 monographs are published under the title The Washington Tourist Survey.

Production and Marketing of Asphalt Tile, Washington State University Press, 1950.

Book Reviews

Merger Movements in American Industry, 1895 -1956, Ralph L. Nelson, Quarterly Review of Economics and Business, August 1960.

Marginal Aspects of Management Practices, Frederick N. Firestone, Journal of Business, October 1961, pp. 503-505.

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Lectures and Seminars

University of Washington

University of Oregon

University of California (Berkeley)

University of California (Santa Barbara)

Stanford University

University of Iowa

University of Michigan

Northwestern University

University of Minnesota

University of Colorado

Oklahoma State University

University of Texas (Austin)

Texas A & M University

Harvard University

Cornell University

Dartmouth College

Columbia University

Georgetown University

University of Kentucky

Tulane University

SUNY Buffalo

University of Rochester

Emory University

Florida State University

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of South Carolina

Eckerd College

Australian Graduate School of Management at New South Wales

University of Melbourne

National Association of Attorneys General Multistate Antitrust Task Force

University of Memphis, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

* Federal Trade Commission v. Sandura Company (Industry study for Defendant and Testimony before F.T.C. Hearing Examiner, 1959).

State of Washington, et al. v. General Electric, et al. (Director of industry price study for Plaintiff’s pre-trial consultations, etc., no deposition taken, 1961-63).

State of Michigan, et al. v. Brunswick, et al. (Director of price study for Plaintiff’s pre-trial and settlement consultations, no deposition taken, 1962).

* In the Matter of Application of Transamerica Company before the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Survey of banking markets, bank holding companies and branch systems, and Testimony before F.R.B. Hearing Examiner on behalf of Transamerica , 1962).

U.S. v. Crocker-Anglo National Bank, Citizens National Bank and Transamerica Corporation (Consultant to Department of Justice on complaint and pre-trial consultations, no deposition taken, 1963).

* U.S. v. Marshall & Ilsay Bank Stock Corporation, Marshall and Ilsay Bank and Bank of Commerce (Survey of Milwaukee banking market, trial preparations, and Testimony on behalf of Department of Justice before Judge Tehan, Eastern District, Wisconsin., 1963).

U.S. v. General Motors Corporation, (Preparation of Affidavit containing economic relevance of divisional cost data for U.S. Department of Justice, Bus Case, 1963).

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* Bank of Dearborn v. James J. Saxon, Comptroller of the Currency and Manufacturers National Bank of Detroit (Consultant to Plaintiff, survey and economic analysis of Detroit banking market, and Testimony before Judge Smith, Eastern District, Michigan, 1965).

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* In Re Meridian National Bank – Application for charter (Economic analysis East Lansing-Lansing-Meridian Township banking markets and Testimony before U.S. Comptroller of the Currency on behalf of Bank of Lansing and East Lansing State Bank, 1970).

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S.G. Builders, Incorporated v. Maule Industries, Lehigh Cement, Rinker, et al. (Consultant to Defendants Maule, et al., participation in settlement discussions, 1971-72).

California et al. v. U.S. Pipe et al. (Cast-Iron Pipe Antiturst Cases) (Consultant to defendant companies U.S. Pipe, ACIPO, CLOW, Lonestar Steel, 1975-76).

* Golf City v. Wilson Sporting Goods, et al. (Consultant to Plaintiff, deposition taken, and testimony at trial. District Court, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1974-75).

* P.D.Q. Incorporated et al. v. Nissan Motors – Class action suits, (Consultant to Nissan Motors; deposition taken; no trial testimony, 1976).

* Channel Nine of Orlando v. INA Insurance Company (Consultant to Plaintiff, deposition taken and testimony, 1976).

* Southern General Builders v. Bethlehem Steel Corporation et al. (Consultant to Bethlehem Steel. No deposition taken). Trial pending.

* F.T.C. v. Jim Walter Corporation (Consultant to Jim Walter Corporation, testimony before Administrative Law Judge, 1975-76).

* Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission v. U.S. Pipe and Foundry Corp. (Consultant to U.S. Pipe; deposition, and testimony District Court, Birmingham, Alabama, 1976).

Congoleum v. Armstrong Cork (Consultation and price study for Defendant. No deposition taken, 1978).

P.S.C. v. Florida Power Corporation (Consultant to Defendant. No deposition taken, 1978-79).

* Tri-M v. Bethlehem Steel, et al. (Consultant to Bethlehem. Deposition taken; testimony before Judge McGovern, Western Dist., Washington, 1980-82).

Testimony during 1960’s before Michigan Public Service Commission on behalf of Consumers Power, and during 1970’s testimony before Florida Public Service Commission on behalf of Southern Bell, General Telephone, Gulf Power, Florida Telephone, and United Telephone.

Uranium Litigation (Westinghouse v. Rio Algon el al., Exxon v. Rio Algom et al., TVA v. Rio Algom et al.) (Consultant to Gulf Oil Corporation, 1980-84).

* Arizona Cement Litigation. (Various states and other entities vs. Portland General Cement, et al.) (Consultant to Portland General Cement. Deposition taken. Cases settled prior to trial, 1983-84).

Boast v. L.P. Morris Company (Consultant to L.P. Morris, 1985-86).

Helicopter Systems v. Hughes Helicopters (Consultant to Hughes 1985-86).

FTC Inquiry: In Re International Minerals & Chemicals (1986).

Isaly v. Kraft Foods (Consultant to Isaly Company, 1985-86).

* Jester v. Bic Corporation (Consultant to Jester Company, 1986).

* Figliulo v. General Motors (Consultant to General Motors, 1987).

Crossland Savings FSLA v. C.J. Morrison (Consultant to Crossland Savings, 1987).

Blanton Enterprises v. Burger King Corp. (Consultant to Blanton Enterprises, 1987).

Rosenfeld et al. v. Home Shopping Network (Consultant to Home Shopping Network, 1987).

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Irvin N. Gleim v. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated (Consultant to Gleim, September 1991-94).

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Ex. Rel. F. Chris Gorman, Attorney General, for the use and benefit of Boone County School District et al. v. Louis Trauth Dairy, Inc., & H. Meyer Dairy, Co. (Consultant to plaintiff, Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1991-95).

Mike Martin et al. v. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, et al. (Consultant for Toyota Motor Sales, USA, 1992).

American Health Technologies v. Bethesda Memorial Hospital, et al., (Consultant to Defendant, Health Trust Hospital, Palms West Hospital and Palm Beach Regional Hospital, Southern District of Florida, 1992- 95).

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City of Tuscaloosa et al. v. Harcros Chemicals, Inc. et al. (Consultant to State of Alabama, 1995 – present).

Florida Folder Service v. Motel-Hotel Association (Consultant to Defendant, Motel-Hotel Association, 1995).

Holmes Products v. Dana Lighting (Consultant to Defendant, Dana Lighting, 1995-96).

Browder v. Catalina Lighting (Consultant to Defendant, Catalina Lighting, 1996- ).

Catalina Lighting v. Hauser (Consultant to Plaintiff, Catalina Lighting, 1996- ).

Mitsubishi v. Coopers & Lybrand (consultant to Defendant, Coopers & Lybrand, 1995-96).

Maris Distributing Co. v. Anhauser-Busch Corp., (Consultant to Plaintiff, Maris Distributing Co., 1996- ).

Elden Electrical Exhibition Services v. Marriott International (Consultant to Defendant, Marriott International, 1997).

Westinghouse Electric and Catalina Lighting v. White Consolidated Industries, Electolux, et al. (Consultant to Plaintiff, Westinghouse and Catalina, 1997- ).

Testimony before U.S. Congressional Committees (By Committee Invitation)

U.S. Joint Economic Committee, 1958, 1959, 1962, and 1973.

U.S. House Government Operations Committee, 1959.

U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly, 1963.

U.S. Senate Small Business Committee, 1963.

U.S. House Banking and Currency Committee, 1963, 1965.

U.S. Joint Economic Committee, 1958, 1959, 1962, 1973 (February and May)

U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, November 1978.

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, September 1984.

Fellowship and Honors

Phi Beta Kappa

Beta Gamma Sigma

Omicron Delta Kappa

Florida Blue Key (Honorary)

Who’s Who in America

Who’s Who in Mid-West

Who’s Who in the South and Southwest

Who’s Who in American Education

Who’s Who in the World

American Men in Science

Fellow, Swift and Company, Summer, 1953

Fellow, U.S. Steel Corporation, 1954

Fellow, Merrill Center for Economics, Summer, 1956

Ford Foundation – International Programs Grant, “Antitrust Policies of the European Coal and Steel Community,” 1964-65

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Research Fellow, Summer, 1964

Member, Visiting Scientists Program, American Economic Association, 1968-71

D. Litt. (Tampa University, 1979 (Honorary)

D.Sc. (Florida Institute of Technology), 1979 (Honorary)