Chuck Girard

2970 SW 50th Terrace
Gainesville, Florida 32608

Database management
Market analysis support
Data normalization and classification

B.A., University of Florida - Decision and Information Sciences

Chuck Girard is a Senior Analyst with Infotech Consulting. His primary areas of expertise are database management, market analysis support, and data normalization and classification.

Chuck has been with Infotech since 2004 and was originally part of Infotech System’s business.  There he was first exposed to AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSS and its bid analysis capabilities in relation to asphalt markets. While in the Systems Division he served as the technical lead on various projects including database management, market analysis support, data migration, system installation and configuration, interface/report development, and training for the full suite of AASHTOWare Products with a special focus on AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSS.

Girard earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Decision and Information Sciences from the University of Florida in August 2002.