Tom Krizanosky

2970 SW 50th Terrace
Gainesville, Florida 32608

Statistical Analysis
Environmental Analysis
Econometric Modeling
Damage Estimation
Employment Discrimination
Medicare and Medicaid provider claims sampling methodologies
Healthcare fraud detection and measurement software development

B.S., with honors, University of Central Florida - Statistics
M.S., University of Central Florida - Statistical Computing

Tom Krizanosky is a Project Manager/Senior Consultant with Infotech Consulting. Since joining Infotech Consulting in 1992, Mr. Krizanosky has worked on many key projects lending his expertise in statistical theory and applications.

He has performed statistical analyses for environmental projects, and econometric modeling and damage estimation for antitrust and employment discrimination litigation. Mr. Krizanosky has also designed claims sampling methodologies for federal investigations of Medicare and Medicaid providers and developed computer programs for detecting and measuring healthcare fraud.

Prior to joining Infotech Consulting, Mr. Krizanosky was an instructor for the Department of Statistics at the University of Central Florida and also worked as a statistical consultant for faculty and graduate students from other departments at the university.

Krizanosky received a Bachelor of Science in Statistics with honors from the University of Central Florida. He also obtained his Master of Science in Statistical Computing at UCF, and he is a member of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association and the American Statistical Association.