Dr. Robert Kneuper

2970 SW 50th Terrace
Gainesville, Florida 32608

Statistical and Econometric Modelling
Antitrust Liability Analysis and Damage Estimation
Class Certification Analysis of Common Impact and Damage Estimation Economic Analysis (Damages and Liability)
Analysis of Business Damages
Economic Analysis of Regulatory Impact
Intellectual Property
Copyright and Trade Secret Disputes

B.S., George Mason University - Applied Economics
M.S., Clemson University - Economics
Ph.D., Clemson University - Economics

Dr. Robert Kneuper is an Expert Economist and Expert Consultant with Infotech Consulting, and consults on a wide variety of applied economic and applied finance topics including antitrust, damages, class certification, intellectual property, and regulation.  He provides testimony both for private sector clients and for government regulators, in industries including health care, pharmaceuticals, insurance, energy, media, entertainment, transportation, real estate, internet, sports, gaming, aerospace, defense, waste collection, retail, and consumer products.

As part of his antitrust practice, Dr. Kneuper has provided economic analyses of the competitive impact of a wide variety of business practices that raise antitrust issues such as mergers, joint ventures, monopolization, IP licensing, price-fixing, predatory pricing, price discrimination, tying, MFN clauses, monopsony, vertical restraints and more.  Dr. Kneuper applies both economic theory and data analyses to evaluate key antitrust issues such as market definition, market power, entry barriers, competitive effects, power buyers, failing firms and efficiencies.

Dr. Kneuper has provided economic and financial analyses involving class certification in a variety of cases and industries.  In this context, Dr. Kneuper has analyzed whether economic theory and data supports that there is a common impact to the class resulting from alleged illegal acts.  Dr. Kneuper has estimated damages in the context of class certification cases.

Dr. Kneuper has also analyzed damages in a variety of other cases including antitrust cases, intellectual property cases, and breach of contract cases.  In his damages work, Dr. Kneuper uses a combination of microeconomic modeling and data analyses to estimate the market impact on prices and/or profits of various types of alleged illegal acts.

Dr. Kneuper has evaluated the economic impact of a variety of business practices in conjunction with regulatory proceedings and regulatory oversight.

Dr. Kneuper’s professional experience includes more than 10 years analyzing antitrust matters at the Federal Trade Commission. At the FTC, Dr. Kneuper’s work focused on mergers, horizontal and vertical restraints, damages, monopolization, and intellectual property. Dr. Kneuper had a leadership role developing the FTC’s antitrust policy for cases involving patent settlements between branded and generic pharmaceutical companies. In addition, Dr. Kneuper participated extensively in the FTC’s technical antitrust assistance program, advising various countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Venezuela.

Dr. Kneuper holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Clemson University and serves as an adjunct professor at both Loyola University Chicago School of Law and at Charleston Southern University, where he teaches courses in antitrust economics, managerial economics, and corporate finance.



Antitrust Economics (Law Course)

Corporate Finance (MBA Course)

Managerial Economics (MBA Course)

Political Economy (Graduate Course)

Microeconomics (Graduate and Undergraduate Course)

Financial Management (Undergraduate Course)

Risk and Insurance (Undergraduate Course)

Macroeconomics (Undergraduate Course)


Named in Who’s Who Legal Consulting Experts 2016, Competition Economists, U.S., Law Business Research LTD.

Outstanding Team Effort Award, FTC, 1991 and 1993

Hugh Macauley Award (Best Masters Thesis in Economics) Clemson Univ., 1988

R. C. Edwards Fellow, Clemson Univ., 1988-89

H. W. Close Fellow, Clemson Univ., 1986-88

Weber H. Peterson Award, (Best Economics Student) George Mason Univ., 1985-86


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