Our teamwork is our not-so-secret weapon.

"Jim McClave and his team at Infotech Consulting are simply the best experts with whom I’ve ever worked.  No matter how complex the issues, they bring honesty, independence, and rigor to the process, and they’re always an absolute pleasure to deal with." - Satisfied Client

We Lead with Innovation and Collaboration

Infotech Consulting's services and expertise are nationally recognized. Founder and CEO, Dr. James T. McClave has led the team since he formed it in 1977, as well as, been a university professor, authored textbooks adopted by universities, and colleges around the world. Through his decades of experience and influence, Dr. McClave has assembled a team of innovative and experienced experts whose focus is on meeting your needs with scientific precision.

This Team Delivers Clarity from Complexity

Our talented team has expert knowledge in statistics, economics and econometrics. With them, you get professionals who can intelligently assist you through the use of rigorous scientific methodologies. Add to that their expertise in reporting results and you have complex analysis clearly explained.

Meet the Experts

Over the past 40 years, this experienced and dedicated team has applied its diverse skills and expertise to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Meet the Team

Our executive team provides the forward-thinking leadership that ensures we deliver industry best practices with integrity and superior customer service to our clients.